Operations Updates regarding Coronavirus


MASKS ARE NOW OPTIONAL.  Most of our team is now vaccinated and we feel comfortable enough with the decline in cases to begin to resume parties unmasked both indoor and outdoor. HOWEVER, we are still happy to accommodate you IF you prefer our princesses to be masked, simply check that option off on your booking form. We appreciate your patience in the last year as we have navigated this unprecedented challenge to performing safely in the midst of a pandemic and we are excited for a move back to normalcy.




If your party is OUTSIDE, guests will have the option of selecting your character to be masked or unmasked. If you choose unmasked, guests must maintain an appropriate distance from character.

If your party is INSIDE, our characters will now be masked while they are working IN your home for parties or events. We are also requiring all party guests ages 12 and older who are IN THE ROOM that the princess is entertaining in to also be wearing a mask.

If/when cases begin to decline again, we will revert back to the policy of giving customers the option for BOTH indoor and outdoor. Thank you for your consideration as we continually strive to protect everyone during this challenging time.





Beginning this Saturday, November 14th, we will be offering our customers the OPTION of having your character masked OR distanced at parties. We did a “trial run” of this option during our Halloween cookie grams with great success. Safety and health of both our staff and customers have always been and continues to be our number one priority. We feel we can safely proceed with these new options as we evolve and try different methods and we  will continue to provide the most magical experience you have come expect from Petite Princess
Additional updates: Children age 8 and under have never been required to mask. That will continue.  However, if you choose for your princess to be UNMASKED, children must maintain distance. We do ask that adults in the room with the princess continue to mask for everyone’s safety.  If the party is OUTSIDE, masks are not required for adults as long as they can keep a considerable distance from the princess.
If you feel safer WITH our princess masked, we are very happy to continue providing this option as well. As we said, we want to give our customers more than one safe option.
We THANK YOU for your continuing support and understanding as we all navigate this challenging time!



July 12, 2020-MASK MANDATE 

Dear customer families,

This week we were at a crossroads of whether to continue offering our services due to the rising numbers in Covid-19, to implement stricter safety measures to or shut down again completely.  We have struggled to wrap our minds around how to both create a magical princess experience while maintaining a safe environment for our staff and customers. When we re-opened last month, we developed a comprehensive list of guidelines that we have been following with success. However, due to the mask mandate released by the governor yesterday, and our growing concern for safety we are going to be taking further steps to both remain open and in compliance. It is our sincere hope that our customers will understand the situation we are in, as with so many other businesses to balance services with safety.

Beginning Monday, July 13, in accordance with the state mandate, our characters will now be masked the entire time they are working IN or OUTSIDE of your home for parties or events. We are also requiring all party guests ages 8 and older who are IN THE ROOM that the princess is entertaining in to also be wearing a mask. We strongly recommend masks for all children age 2-8, but they will be required for 8+.  If an adult is in the room in which the princess is conducting the party, they will be required to be masked or the princess will be forced to leave. The only exception to this mask rule will be our swimming mermaid (and children in the pool-limited to 10) because obviously a mask would be a drowning hazard in this situation.

Everyone with a party currently booked will be notified by email of this policy change in the upcoming week.  You will have the opportunity to agree to the new terms and continue on with your party as planned, or if this option isn’t suitable for your family, we fully understand and will grant a full refund to you. Ever since we re-opened we have been granted full refunds for ANY cancellation due to health concerns or issues, as we want to encourage everyone to be as forthcoming as possible to limit potential exposure while guaranteeing that you don’t lose money due to illness. We also understand if all this is just too much for your family right now, and you want to postpone until things settle down. We will be here for you when you are ready. We also know that many of you have already accepted this new normal and are ready to book your princess experience, whatever it takes!  That is why we are determined to do what we need to do to stay open for you.

We know this isn’t an ideal situation and won’t be for a while. But we are choosing to look at it this way; very soon your children will be back in school and in many cases required to wear masks. They will be out and about and masks are going to become, for now, an everyday part of life. What better way to encourage and “normalize” it than for them to see their favorite princess or superhero wearing one? We think this is an opportunity to show kids that it isn’t a scary thing, and that we are all in this together.

We have these cute little princess pink logo masks on order and will be using them as soon as they come in at the end of the month.  Would you like to match our princesses?  We have masks and tons of other fun gear here: https://www.customizedgirl.com/s/petiteprincess

As always, thank you for your continuing faith, patience and understanding as we navigate both the realities of the world we live in and the world of magic that we try to uphold for our littlest customers.  Hoping you have a happy, healthy and blessed week from your friends at Petite Princess.



MAY 20, 2020

Guess who’s coming back?!!  Oh, how we’ve missed you!!!  After much thoughtful consideration, we have developed our plan for resuming our magical operations and outlined the steps we are taking to ensure the safety of our customers and our cast.

ALL Bookings have now opened on the following schedule:
MERMAID POOL PARTIES ONLY will resume June 5, 2020.
ALL OTHER PRINCESS PARTIES will resume tentatively beginning June 27, 2020.

We will begin offering mermaid swim parties FIRST.  This is the safest option right now because it is held outdoors and in chlorinated water, which decreases the risk of Covid-19 transmission. Pool itself must have NO MORE THAN 10 guests total, including the mermaid.

If numbers continue on the downward trend, we feel we can safely resume princess parties beginning  June 27, with some important restrictions in place. All cast members will be required to check their temperature before heading to their party, sanitize their hands prior to entering residences and directly upon leaving. At this time, please understand that we will be enforcing a NO CONTACT rule during parties. While the princess will be able to fully entertain your guests with singing, dancing, storytime and pictures like we always do, they will not be allowed to hug, hold hands, etc with guests at this time.  This will be communicated to guests at the onset of the party and we are developing fun alternatives to hugs to kindly redirect children on this rule.

Please understand that this re-opening plan is TENTATIVE, fluid and subject to change based on any changes in government and medical recommendations regarding the virus. If we suspend operations again at any point in the future, customers WILL ALWAYS receive a refund on deposits, as we have been doing since our initial shutdown. Safety and health are our top priority.

You have our commitment that we will continue to evaluate and adjust as we test these practices, always striving to deliver the Petite Princess brand quality you have come to expect. Our online booking form is now up and we are excited to get you on our calendar.  Our booking form is now available here.

We want to stress that we are also maintaining our popular “Princess on Call” service for families that are not quite ready for gatherings at this time and plan to do so for the foreseeable future. We want to make sure we have options for everyone to experience the magic of our characters, based on your comfort and safety levels.

Thank you so very much for your overwhelming support of our company throughout this trying time. We have been so blessed to continue to share in joyful moments with you through our virtual services and we can’t wait to visit with you in person whenever you are ready.


MARCH 19, 2020

Dear Valued Customers

As with the rest of the nation, we here at Petite Princess Company have been monitoring the unfolding situation regarding coronavirus and the best practices as set forth by the CDC. We deeply regret having to make this decision and it is not one we made lightly, but out of an abundance of caution for both the families we entertain and our cast members, we are choosing to suspend parties at this time. We are following the lead of our local universities, Disneyworld, and our local government officials to limit social interactions that can lead to an escalation of this contagious virus.  We believe that it is our responsibility to do our part in keeping our community safe and gatherings of people are not advisable at this time.

We will be re-evaluating this decision on a week-by-week basis.  Parties for this weekend have been notified and refunded completely. If you have an upcoming party scheduled with us, we will be in contact with you by Wednesday prior to your party as to whether we are operational again. Full refunds will be given to anyone that has a party scheduled with us at this time and would like to cancel.

Deposit and or balance refunds will be issued ONLY during the week prior to your scheduled party.  Please understand we cannot refund deposits on parties outside of the one-week-prior time frame.  You also have the option to reserve a future date, and we would be happy to hold your deposit for up to a year and give you the opportunity to reschedule.

Thankfully we do not have any ticketed events pending at this time, however, we do have a full roster of community events that we have been scheduled for.  As we receive information from them on decisions their organizations have made, we will keep you posted.

Please accept our heartfelt apologies for any inconvenience this causes…we know how important your child’s birthday is and we cannot wait to be able to resume operations as soon as it is safely possible! It is our sincere hope that this passes quickly and we are indeed able to visit with your little ones very soon.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we encourage everyone to take necessary precautions to keep your families safe and well at this time.


Venessa, Owner