Princess on Call

We want to make sure all of our customers have an opportunity to experience the magic of our characters during this challenging time. If your family member has an upcoming birthday and you are foregoing a traditional gathering, we would love to be part of making their day special.  We will continue to offer this service for the foreseeable future as we adapt to varying comfort levels of social gatherings.

What Days will this be available?

For now, we are booking for Saturdays only, (10am-5pm) Once your booking form is completed, we will contact you via email to confirm your time requested.

Characters Currently Available
Snow Queen (Elsa)
Ice Princess (Anna)
NOLA Princess (Tiana)
The Little Mermaid


If there is a particular character your child is really wanting to talk to that you do not see listed above, please contact us regarding availability. Not all of our cast members are available at this time, but if we can make magic happen for you, we will do our best!


How will you contact us for the chat?

You will have the option to use either of the following:
Phone to phone (Facetime) which is available if you have an iphone
or Zoom.

What will you talk about?

Our princesses are trained professionals and several of our cast members have been doing parties with us for 3-5 years at this point.  They have done hundreds of parties and talked to thousands of children.  They have excellent ideas on how to initiate conversations appropriate for your child’s age and are very knowledgeable about all of the fairytale characters.  They will do their best to stick to topics related to the character they are portraying but are also open to talking to your little one about their interests as well.  On the booking form, there is a space where you can provide us with some tips or hints regarding what your little one may be interested in. If your child is not talkative, that is ok!  We would love to read them a story or sing them a song as well.

What are the prices?

We are offering the following price points:

10 minute chat for $50
15 minute chat for $65
20 minute chat for $80


How do I book?

Book here now
Or, give us a call at 225-347-1981
You can also email us at


As a small business, we are grateful for the opportunity to provide you with a service that will allow us to still function in this time of uncertainty.  Even if you are unable to make a booking right now, sharing this page goes a long way to help us!  We thank you so much for continuing to support us at this time…it means the world to us.



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