Our Princesses

Your favorite storybook characters…come to life!

Here at the Petite Princess Company, we are proud to offer the highest standard in professional princess character entertainment. From the accuracy of our costumes to the professionalism and poise of our actresses, this is the quality you would expect from a large theme park, right in your own home!  We feature a diverse set of characters from popular children’s storybooks and folk tales, and we are always expanding and improving our offerings.  You will never have to worry about our cast members “breaking character”; we are dedicated to creating a magical and realistic princess experience everywhere we go. From the time our princess arrives until the time she departs, your little ones will be convinced they are in the presence of royalty!

Our princesses do it all…singing, dancing, photo ops, coronations, coloring, singing happy birthday and more!  Having a pool party?  Check out our swimmable mermaid below!  The Little Mermaid would love to splash around, play pool games, blow bubbles and more with your little guppies. Does your child love unicorns?  We created a brand new custom character, the Unicorn Princess!

We are the most professional and most affordable character company in South Louisiana. You no longer have to travel far and spend hundreds of dollars for a princess experience. From private parties to corporate events, festivals, parades, school or charity functions, we attract families and entertain children all year long.

Classic Snow Queen

Adventure Snow Queen

Spirit White Dress

Classic Ice Princess

Adventure Ice Princess

Queen Green Dress

Coronation Princess



The Little Mermaid (Walkable)

The Little Mermaid (pool)

Teal Parks Little Mermaid


New Orleans Princess

Tower Princess

The Island Princess

The Arabian Princess

The Fairest Princess

Sleeping Beauty
The Latin Princess

Practically Perfect Nanny

The Native Princess

The Tinker Fairy

The Scottish Princess

The Zombie Cheerleader

Unicorn Princess

Daughter of Evil

Evil Teen

Sea Witch Daughter

Can often be seen at our events, they limited availability for private party bookings, please inquire for specifics.

Prince Charming

Prince Philip

Rogue Prince

Ice Harvester

Mad Hatter



Mistress of Evil (available in the month of October)

Evil Queen (available in the month of October)

Red Stick Elves (available Thanksgiving through Christmas)

*Our mermaids swim in fabric tails for safety purposes and maneuverability in a variety of aquatic spaces. For more info on mermaid pool parties, click here!

**There is a $35 upcharge on Princess Ellie due to her requiring an assistant for the size of the dress.

Disclaimer: We do not offer characters from TV or Film. None of our characters are affiliated with Disney. Our characters are based on fairytales and folk tales passed down through the ages and are part of the public domain. If you need a licensed, copyrighted character at your event, please contact the company or copyright holders for your specific character.