FAQ and Terms

Many of our customers’ frequently asked questions have been compiled into a user friendly list here. Before your party, please review our terms below.


How do I book/pay for a party?

Parties are booked on a first come first serve basis.  We suggest booking a month in advance, but can sometimes accommodate bookings even up to only a week in advance is we have space.  In order to reserve a date, first complete the online booking form here.  Within 24 hours you will receive a response from us letting you know if your requested date and princess are available (or if not, we will offer alternatives).  We will quote your full price including travel fees (if any).  If you accept the quote, simply reply “confirm.” We then email your deposit invoice. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR SPOT IS NOT SECURED UNTIL DEPOSIT HAS BEEN PAID.

Your balance invoice is send the week prior to your party and must be paid in full before we will send the character out. We use Square invoicing and you will receive an invoice via email in which you pay via credit card. We can arrange to bill you via Paypal if necessary.  Cash or checks not accepted.


What areas do you service?

We serve most of South Louisiana….travel times must be under 2 hours. Travel fees apply for any distance greater than 30 minutes from LSU and are quoted when we receive your booking request.


How many children can one performer entertain at a party?

In order to give each child attention, we suggest that you have up to 10-15 children per performer. If you plan on having more than 15 children, we recommend adding another character. Please give us an accurate assessment of the amount of children expected at your party so we can bring the correct amount of supplies and the right size audio equipment.


Where should I hold my party?
The majority of parties that we attend are in residences but we also go to facilities like recreation centers, clubhouses, tea rooms, bounce places, kid gyms, play centers, playgrounds, restaurant rooms or hotel conference rooms. (Please note that due to safety and quality concerns, we cannot entertain within a private hotel room).  We do not have our own facility, but if you need help finding a place we can suggest some vendors in your area that we are familiar with.  Performers are instructed to stay within the “common areas” of the party and will not move to locations (such as bedrooms) away from the main party setup and guests.


When are you available for parties?
Most birthday parties are held on the weekends although we can accommodate weekday parties depending on cast availability. We do not work on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Easter, July 4th, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day. We can accept parties between the hours of 9am-8pm (party must be over by 8pm).


NEW: Temperature Policy

We all know Louisiana heat can be brutal and dangerous.  Even more so when trying to perform in a very heavy ballgown and wigs.  Therefore, performers (except for the swimming mermaid) must be provided with an indoor location from May 15-September 15 to avoid overheating and sweat damage to our gowns and wigs. We have a spot on the booking form in which you let us know if you are planning an indoor or outdoor party. Please understand that if you have checked “Indoor” party the performer MUST be hosted indoors (May 15-September 15)…or you risk forfeiting both the deposit and the full balance paid on the party for that day. Thank you for helping us keep our performers safe and at their best to make your child’s party experience magical. Nobody likes a sweaty and uncomfortable princess!


What time should I schedule the performer to arrive at the party?

PRINCESSES: We suggest scheduling the princess to appear at least 30 minutes to an hour after your party STARTS, this way all the guests have the time to arrive and can enjoy the performance. Please urge your guests to arrive on time.  It is very important that we begin on time so that we can keep an on-time schedule for the other parties that day. We cannot go back and repeat activities for the late arrivals.

SWIMMING MERMAID:  For swimming mermaid pool parties, we highly recommend you book her right at the start time of your party, because she will actually need to arrive 15 minutes prior to get into her tail BEFORE the children enter the pool to “preserve the magic” of her character transformation. So for instance, if your party starts at 2pm, she will arrive at 1:45pm, but she will perform from 2pm-3pm.


Do you have to tip the performer?

You are not required to tip our performers, but it is greatly appreciated! If you do feel our performer is deserving of a tip, the amount is completely up to you. We recommend a standard gratuity based on the total party amount of 15% to 20% at your discretion. Also note that our performers receive a small bonus from our company if they receive a positive review/recommendation on Facebook for their performance!


Can I request a specific cast member for my party?

While we CAN guarantee your character selection, we do NOT guarantee cast members. Our cast members are assigned to certain characters and we also arrange their schedules weeks in advance based on their availability. If you request a specific cast member, we will try to accommodate you, but again, it is NOT a guarantee.


What happens if I cancel?

Your deposit secures your desired date and time. In the event you have to cancel we will retain your deposit or gladly work with you to find an alternate party date (based on availability). Alternate party dates must be scheduled within a one year period.


What if my princess does not show up?

Our cast members are extremely reliable and make EVERY EFFORT to arrive at your party on time and ready to perform. If, in some rare circumstance, a weather event, car accident, extreme illness or other Act of God prevents them from appearing, you will be given a full refund. We take our jobs very seriously and know how important your child’s dreams and your expectations are!


Do you have liability insurance?

Yes…The Petite Princess Company is a fully insured LLC.  In addition, our performer will do everything in her power to ensure that your home and guests are treated with the utmost care and respect.



The safety of our performers and your guests are our top priority.  We ask that party guests refrain from smoking in the area of the performers due to allergies and smoke damage to our gowns. We also ask that all pets should be on a leash or penned during the princess visit.  If at any time our performers feel threatened, harassed or unsafe at a party, they reserve the right to leave the premises.


Mermaid Party Specific*

The Little Mermaid

Preferably at your home pool or another private residence with a pool.  We can discuss the possibility of having it in a public pool, however, these don’t usually work out as well because other kids tend to “crash” the party and want attention from the mermaid.

Our mermaids are contracted to provide fun party entertainment for your child. We suggest a 10:1 ratio for entertainment purposes.  If your party will have more than 10 children, we suggest adding an additional mermaid ($100).  WE ARE NOT certified lifeguards and are absolutely not liable for the safety or supervision of the children in the pool.  This cannot stressed enough.  All children must be supervised by adults.   Life vests and floaties encouraged for small/weak swimmers.  If at any time children become rowdy or unsafe in the water, the mermaid will exit the pool.  The mermaid is required to exit if thunderstorms enter the area.

Children are welcomed to swim along with the mermaid and closely interact with her.  However, for safety reasons, please encourage children not to hang on the mermaid or attempt to “ride” on her back.  This can cause a drowning hazard.